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Slow to Post

Posted by dancehallhips on September 17, 2008

I’ve started school again and it’s been somewhat busy/hectic with moving in, schoolwork, classes, training for a new job on campus, socializing, etc. This is why I haven’t updated lately. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I’ll try and get the ball rolling soon, though. Thanks.

-Dance Hall Hips



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Tilly & the Wall on 90210 Premiere

Posted by dancehallhips on August 27, 2008

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: “Omaha, NE’s tap dancing five-piece, Tilly and The Wall, will be performing on the series premiere episode of the newly revamped 90210, airing September 2nd on The CW. The band will be performing “Pot Kettle Black” at a character’s not-so-sweet sixteen”


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MTV vs. Martial Law

Posted by dancehallhips on August 22, 2008

‘Tis the season to get political, so I thought MTV’s latest outcry might stir up a good conversation (or, in the very least, bring some conspiracy theorists out of the woodwork).

The popular music network has recently released commercials depicting modern day Martial Law in the United States, making comparisons to 20th century/WWII concentration camps:

As much as MTV is a medium for America’s youth, their opinions, and their politics, I was a little taken aback by these commercials. They’re certainly thought provoking, but it’s sort of shocking to see such a large entity produce an ad/concept that might otherwise be labelled conspiracy hogwash.

Should there be a concern over the state of our nation when MTV is warning us? Or do you think the commericals was done for shock value, to put an edge on an otherwise dulling teen-fueled, reality show-centric network?

(Original Featured on Three Imaginary Girls)


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