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Video: Grace Potter – “Pain in My Heart”

Posted by dancehallhips on March 29, 2008

Grace Potter’s been long overdue to get some buzz on this blog. I just stumbled upon her (and the Nocturnals) doing a cover of “Pain in My Heart”, most famously done by an all-time favorite, Otis Redding. This one definitely showcases Potter’s talent.

Read/See her ‘patriotic’ HARP article after the jump

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My Bloody Valentine

Posted by dancehallhips on February 12, 2008

Click to EnlargeFound this in Spin and thought it was kind of neat. The author, Dana A. Shapiro, took lyrics from 69 break-up songs (as opposed to Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs?) and created a break-up letter just in time for Valentine’s day. After recognizing maybe 1/3 of them, I wanted to figure out the rest but didn’t want to take the time to do so. That’s when I ran into a site who was willing to do such work. I’m possibly, nay, probably giving credit to someone who did a good ol’ copy/paste job like myself, but whatever.

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Seattle Times: Chris Walla Interview

Posted by dancehallhips on January 29, 2008

Today, The Seattle Times did a little piece on good ol’ Death Cabbie, Chris Walla, including a few pictures from the very talented Autumn de Wilde:

“I love the relationship our band has, and I don’t have a desire to be the singer in the band — I think we would have broken up if that was the case…That’s what solo records are for”
-Chris Walla

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