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M.I.A. Responds to Accusations

Posted by dancehallhips on August 7, 2008

“I don’t support terrorism and never have. As a Sri Lankan that fled war and bombings, my music is the voice of the civilian refugee. Frankly, I am not trying to start dialogue with someone who is really just seeking self-promotion.”

-M.I.A. (via P4K)



27 Responses to “M.I.A. Responds to Accusations”

  1. Todd said

    Is she throwing a gang sign in that photo?

  2. Dina said

    My voice is the voice of the civilian refugee?!!! How so? When did M.I.A. ever acknowledge them or advocate good for them? This statement is incomplete and elusive and does not really address any of the accusations. I’ve been reading all about the buzz and this what M.I.A. is saying does not even cover an inch of what is being said out there.

  3. chinti said

    If you do not support the Tigers.. THEN STOP CLARIFY YOUR STANCE AND STOP PROMOTING TIGERS AND “SUNSHOWERS”! If you are a true Sri Lankan, you know exactly what the Tiger stands for! Like DeLon said, it stands for “..the death of the innocence”. Stop beating behind the bush and represent SL like a true Sri Lankan! Like DeLon has!

  4. jonny said

    When I saw her perform at Sasquatch I got the most peculiar feeling that I was in a war-zone…Diplo’s pad-happy fingers, automatic gun blasts helped…but her act was so….explosive, it was truly unbelievable. Reading all this now is very odd.

    I love the art that she uses. So colorful and expressive. So powerful.

    I gave her the reasonable doubt all day yesterday; but have now come to conclusion that this is all a bit fishy. I smell mad propaganda.

    She came from Sri Lanka, she knows damn well that the LTTE is the most aggresive, elitist terrorist movement in the world.

    Why would you endorse this? “Some we murder, some we let go” COME ON!!!!!! You are glorifying this! There is not an ounce of remorse, or ANY hint of lyrics against terrorism.

    This is like Jay-Z sporting a swastika.

  5. nicole said

    lmao throwing a gang sign? are you kidding? we like to call that a peace sign in the western world…

  6. Neil said

    Some of you have no idea whats going on in Sri Lanka. Do you even understand why the LTTE formed? For those who dont know, its because the Tamils in Sri Lanka were facing mad persecution from the Sinhalese. The Tamil just want to be there own state and the Sri Lankan government isnt letting them separate. So, the tamils had to take drastic measures because the government werent listening to them at all.

    Let me ask you a question, if you were facing persecution in your country, wouldn’t you want to leave it? I dont know about you all but i sure as hell would.

    Johnny you have no right saying that she in anyway is glorifying murdering, shes just telling her story.
    you seriously have no idea what the real situation is.

    I hope M.I.A does supports the LTTE. I know, they kill many innocent people and thats not right at all and i dont support that, but people need to understand why and what they are fighting for.

  7. Matimo said

    Oh man, thank you so much Nicole.

    Todd, what world do you come from? Have you lived that sheltered of a life that you could possibly confuse the peace sign with a gang sign?

    Jonny, did you ever think the “Some we murder, some we let go” line could be her way of bringing attention to the situation rather than glorifying it? Your argument needs to be more supported. Where’s the glorification there?

  8. Jack said

    actually that’s the UK equivalent of the middle finger…. peace is palm facing outwards

  9. Ironic said

    she isnt throwing up a gang sign like wtf.. its a freakin peace sign
    she is awesome.. you guys are just jealous

  10. dancehallhips said

    I knew the backwards peace sign was the UK middle-finger, but at least over here in the States, people my age use it the same as a peace sign, a more “gangster/rap-culture” peace sign with no harm attached, just a weak attempt to be cool.

  11. fruust said

    wtf? throwing a gang-sign?

    i thought the two fingers were the british way of saying “f’ck off” or rather “sod off”.
    that’s why you often find british artists doing so on pictures.

  12. jake said

    that’s the universal sign for peace she’s throwing up there you idiots. rock on girl.

  13. Matimo said

    Oh, word. I didn’t know “the reverse peace sign” meant that in the UK. Good lookin’ out, Jack. I’ll keep that in mind if I ever make it over there. That could’ve made for an awkward situation!

    lol :D

  14. Gina said


    Lame, but harmless.

    White kids from the suburbs usually throw them. lol

  15. They shouldn’t have even posted the picture, all the A.D.D. children seemed to have wandered off into gawking at her fingers instead of staying focused on the main topic “is she, or is she NOT in support of terrorism?” CAN WE GET BACK TO THAT NOW.

  16. Matt said

    you’re all seeking self-promotion.

  17. Destiny said

    She sucks big time!! Even tho i’m arab!

  18. Tina said

    OK I don’t understand why all these statements are being. Todd “Is she throwing a gang sign in that photo?” Like why is this person asking this it looks like peace as in “whats good/whats up or Bye so is it because of the face she is making like is puck rock! Sorry to say this one, but is it or is not a free country we live in?? Chinti Says “If you do not support the Tigers.. THEN STOP CLARIFY YOUR STANCE AND STOP PROMOTING TIGERS AND “SUNSHOWERS”! If you are a true Sri Lankan, you know exactly what the Tiger stands for! Like DeLon said, it stands for “..the death of the innocence”. Why don’t you leave her alone


    Look at the bigger picture their are people dying even day because we are fighting for OIL and i don’t care what any one say


  19. Bob said


  20. Random black dude said

    Who is the african guy in Paper Plane video?

  21. Breezy said

    Oh my god.
    The “Is she throwing up a gang sign?” Thing was a joke…
    Get it..everyones making a fuss about her song..and it’s sheer bullshit..making something out of nothing..

    I think Todd was just making fun of that.

    If he’s not clever and he really did think that well..then he’s retarded and I’m sorry I wasted my time.

  22. mk said

    lmfao, well Todd is probably white

  23. hahaha said

    this is such a bizarre set of posts. I don’t think todd was actually looking at intense symbolism, and she’s not a real british figure anymore she’s an american, american rappers love to throw the peace sign, so relax.

  24. sri lanka yaya said

    no one on the corner has swagger like us…… look at the words for what they truly mean….. i fly like paper get high like planes, if you catch me at the border i got visas in my name……some some some i murder… some some i let go…… just like when the african american gangs in my neighborhood, rob and kill for what they think they need in life…. or just the fact they think they have to do these to get by because the gov’t could really give a rats ass about them, but what i think is…… screw the gov’t….they should defeat the odds just because it is expected for them to fail…. sri lanka yaya ema nam a poy kinsa bin….. m.i.a… only telling a story… dont judge the book by it’s cover…… open it really read it…. and if you dont understand it…..further your research….. expand your mind. and whatever you find out….. then choose to believe in something or not……no one on the corner has swagger like us.

  25. confused? said

  26. Bee said

    i have to agree with neil,
    People seem to remain ignorant and tend to look at things from one side- ” M.I.A is supporting terrorism, thats bad therefore shes bad…”- like neil said, what the tamil are doing is NOT TERRORISM they are fighting for the right to secede from an oppressive Sri Lanka i mean most people have no idea what the Tamil have lived through, yes their actions are extreme but they see it as their only way out. before u state an opinion look at both sides of the story.

  27. terrificnic said

    read the article on this page,it might answer your questions.

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