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M.I.A. and the Art of Terrorism

Posted by dancehallhips on August 6, 2008


M.I.A.’s “Kala” was my favorite album of last year, and she’s one of the few artist I’ve actually enjoyed watching blow up onto the mainstream; I find myself turning up the TV whenever there’s a commercial for Pineapple Express.

It turns out Sri-Lankan hip-hopper DeLon seems to think she’s more into “blowing up” than you think. DeLon posted a “Paper Planes” video diss via YouTube linking M.I.A.’s imagery to the terrorist group Tiger Tamils of Eelam (LTTE).

According the video, the LTTE “perfected the use of suicide bombers, invented the suicide belt, pioneered the use of women in suicide attacks, murdered some 4,000 people in the past two years alone, and assassinated two world leaders.”

Sure, DeLon took the time to splice in gruesome suicide bomber clips and write a witty diss to “open” people’s eyes to M.I.A., but when you break the video down, the hip-hopper really only has one talking point: she uses tigers in her imagery something the LTTE does as well.

In 2001, M.I.A. began exhibiting her spraypaint and stencil artwork inspired by the Tamil rebellion movement. It featured what else, tigers, among other Sri Lankan imagery such as palm trees, camouflage, bombs, and guns. This whole tiger-“terrorist chic” is nearly a decade old, already.

So is M.I.A. really supporting a terrorist organization in her artwork?

Whatever the case may be, DeLon’s video has been yanked off YouTube after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Interscope for “endangering M.I.A.’s reputation as a freedom fighter.”

DeLon is now suing the label for violating his First Amendment Rights. If I learned anything in Communication Law I’d say a defamation lawsuit from her end of things would be just as appropriate; it seems like a cease-and-desist letter was reasonable enough.

If you’d like, DeLon has provided a downloadable copy of the highly graphic video here.


M.I.A. – “Paper Planes (Original Chorus)” (alt 1) (alt 2)


9 Responses to “M.I.A. and the Art of Terrorism”

  1. Zatag said

    All I can say is – its a sad thing… being a fan of MIA makes it tough to hear about this… but I did just find this:

    ****URGENT NEED!****

    E-Online has posted the article about MIA and we need to have 300 comments on their page BY THE END OF TODAY in order to get their attention and further featuring on their site.

    You can make a difference right now! Please go to this link right away and express your opinion, this is a pivotal time in this campaign to get the truth out about M.I.A. and her song “Paper Planes”!

    Get the truth out!

    Check it out for yourself on E-Entertainment and see what you think.

  2. Richard said

    Yeah well imagine if MIA was Muslim and was sporting pics of Bin Ladin or the Taliban or some other Islamic terrorist group in her videos, CDs and T-shirts?

    What then?

  3. Richie said

    I love this original chorus, Ive had it for a while

  4. Amneeziac said

    So fucking what if she’s promoting something besides Bush Cheney like all the other dumbfucks. “DeLon” grew up in the suburbs outside of L.A. he doesn’t know shit.

  5. james said

    good post, but if you learned anything about the First Amendment in Communication Law, it should have been that YouTube isn’t the government.

  6. Soundofair said

    DeLon is another halfwit, wannabe MC attempting to ride the coattails of a legitimate artist. Posting about this garbage is just buying into his program and helping him build an undeserved “career”. The fact that “Paper Planes” has had two legit runs as a hit song across an entire year speaks for itself.

    Anyone that actually reads into any of this can easily see that there’s no real controversy whatsoever.

  7. renee said

    um the better qestion would be… who is DeLon?
    i have never heard of him before. And i really dont think M.I.A. is promoting terrorism. come on people!

  8. dancehallhips said

    I have a question back: Is DeLon the same person Dave Chapelle plays/makes fun of in the Making the Band skit on Chapelle Show?

  9. nuwan said

    DeLon is son of Srilankan. He is talking with behind of more than 2500 history. He is not like M.I.A. She is just one of woonded tiger b….

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