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New Find: Jenny Owen Youngs

Posted by dancehallhips on June 16, 2008

To be honest, I don’t know a ton about this girl. I was watching an old episode of Weeds and heard a short clip of her song and had to check her out. As far as Weeds is concerned, I’ve been pretty impressed with the music they’ve featured; not cornball Scrubs music, and not Adam Brody-indie OC music (though, this song in particularly is a little bit OC-ish). As far as the rest of the album, Batten the Hatches, it’s very Kate Nash meets the Format, with a dash of Stars.

Jenny Owen Youngs – “Fuck Was I” (alt)


2 Responses to “New Find: Jenny Owen Youngs”

  1. Rachel Lee said

    I was totally impressed with the music in Weeds Season 2 a couple months back when I powered through it. I found out that it’s the writer’s husband that’s in charge of the music. It’s particularly delightful how many versions of “Little Boxes” they have. You can listen to many of them here.

  2. Fucking hell, are you behind the times, or them some? J.O.Y has been around for a long time, & Fuck Was I has been an interblog staple for a good couple of years! A quick dash to her myspace will pretty much tell you as much as you need to know.

    What really sticks, though, is the unnecessary mention of Kate Nash – I know it’s a comparative exercise/spoonfeed for the limited few who know not of J.O.Y. (there really can’t be that many, now) because of a lack of knowledge of the artist you’re reviewing, but Christ. J.O.Y.’s been around a lot longer than Kate Nash & her LP has been doing the rounds in one form or another a hell of a lot longer than Nash’s mockney nonsense.

    I like your blog, I read it kind of regularly (you’re ‘favourited’, rather than Hype Machine back-alleyed), & this is probably the first time I’ve commented, but if you’re going to openly admit to not researching properly please don’t employ lazy Spin-like journalism as a means to digging yourself out of a hole & tagging on buzz names in the hope the traffic may improve a little.

    Must Do Better.


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