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Arrested Development movie?! C’MON!!!

Posted by dancehallhips on February 4, 2008

Just an FYI, I’ve come down with a stomach flu, something I haven’t had since I was in elementary school. Needless to say, there’s no way in heck I feel like catching up with emails, so the blog’s either gonna be postless for the next couple days, or it won’t involve much band promotion.

In other news, I just found out there’s talk over making an Arrested Development movie:

Arrested Development…the movie?

Writer: Sean Gandert
News, Published online on 11 Dec 2007
It’s too early to say anything definitively at this point, but there have been a lot of recent comments cropping up by the ex-cast and crew of Arrested Development about a possible big-screen reunion.

Rumors about this have been around for months, but the news now seems more concrete than just the hopeful thoughts of fans. Journalists have been asking Jason Bateman and Michael Cera about the possibility of this happening while the two actors made their press rounds on Juno. According to Reelz Channel, Bateman says a movies is “certainly on the table,” a quote that comes with certain authority considering he had met with series creator Mitchell Hurwitz the previous weekend. Cera likewise said that he’d be interested in a new AD project.

Keith Olbermann also passed along info that Hurwitz told him the film is “something [they’re] very interested in doing, but only after the writers’ strike, and only if the powers that be approve.” This is especially promising because ultimately it was Hurwitz who shut the show down after Showtime offered to continue it. Two other canceled Fox programs, Firefly and Futurama, made the jump to features, so this seems like more than just idle speculation. Now we have even one more reason to hope the writer’s strike ends soon.

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One Response to “Arrested Development movie?! C’MON!!!”

  1. jonsquared said

    An Arrested Development Movie? C’mon!!!

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