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New Death Cab for Cutie…Sort of

Posted by dancehallhips on December 21, 2007

Death Cab has been my favorite band for God knows how long, and to be honest, after Plans came out I pretty much wrote them off. After seeing this video I’m pretty excited just to see what they can pump out. In the very least, another tour; I haven’t seen them live since their Transatlanticism tour. I saw Ben go solo in the spring…and that was like a Dashboard Confessional/crowd sing-a-long…which is really what did me in. Considering my collection of, say, every b-side, remix, single, solo work, high school band, demos, etc, I do have a history with Death Cab I can’t ignore.

All I can ask is, please don’t mess this one up:


3 Responses to “New Death Cab for Cutie…Sort of”

  1. Yes, it seemed when they left an indie label for more money and fame that something had disapeared in their music, but I think this album will bring it back. But who knows with just that sweet bass rift leading the video. I want to hear the full song! Hopefully it will be a pre-released single, like soon! Also check out Death Cab for Cutie Fan Lens. Its the best fan site I’ve seen for DCFC ever.

  2. Chris said

    Plans was the first Death Cab album I bought a few years ago, but I was first introduced to them with Transatlanticism. The latter is definitely my favourite, but the former does have its merits (What Sarah Said and Brothers on a Hotel Bed being the most notable).

    They are my favourite band, the reason that I discovered this blog, and I personally can’t wait for the new album. Field Manual will be good, but anything involving Ben Gibbard will be even better.

  3. vernadium said

    i find it funny. im a death cab fan for ages and why is it that i find plans their most accomplished album? I mean come on

    Brothers on a hotel bed, marching bands, i will follow you, and of course the epic what sarah said

    How can you write them off with greatness like that? Im not even gonna bother commenting about trans because we all know how timeless that record is..

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