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A Dead Dog Can’t Even Chase Its Tail

Posted by dancehallhips on December 3, 2007

Turns out Universal is still soiling their drawers over losses in profit. Unfortunately they still haven’t crafted a reasonable way to adapt to the unstoppable world of music pirating. Their newest “strategy” is to shorten all Univeral artists’ tracks to 90 seconds on Myspace. My question to you: Why limit a medium where you can only stream music? This is only going to push illegal downloading even further. Are music execs really this out of touch? I can’t give a simple answer to explain where the future of music is headed, but I can tell you it’s adaptation versus penalization that’s going to succeed.

I guess I forgot to consider the fact myspace is on it’s last limb of fame. Way to catch on to that medium so quickly, guys!

And oh yeah, Warner Music Group reported a 58% percent drop in net worth this quarter. But just keep doin’ what you’re doing.

Companies like this are actually complaining about iTunes only charging 99cents. Hmmm….iTunes single or paying $20 for a crap CD with one good song. Apple seems to have anticipated the jump in music trends; record companies are still trying to teach a dead dog new tricks.


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