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Jimmy Eat Demos

Posted by dancehallhips on October 26, 2007

I have been a fan of Jimmy Eat World for sometime, standing by them regardless of airplay, audience, etc. It’s well crafted, well written music, which, unlike most bands these days, hasn’t faltered in the face of corporate labels. I picked up a copy of their newest album, Chase the Light and thought it sounded a little too overproduced. Luckily, I found a demo version of the album (which completely murders the final retail version). Hearing it reminded me how great, if not completely how much better demos can be. It also reminded me that Jimmy World has released demos of all their CD’s. Here’s some gems from their past four demo’d albums:

Jimmy Eat World – “Believe in What You Want [Demo Version]”

-The demos for this album are great just because they sound so raw and so much like high school garage bands you grew up with.

Jimmy Eat World – “Goodbye Sky Harbor”

-Early Modest Mouse-esque

Jimmy Eat World – “Cautioners [Demo Version]”

-The bass line is beefed up, which works out great

Jimmy Eat World – “Your House [Demo Version]”

– Overall, this version’s a lot harder

Jimmy Eat World – “Drugs or Me [Demo Version]”

-I was a little wishy-washy about the original, but the harmonies alone in this one makes me appreciate the song a lot more.

Jimmy Eat World – “Work [Demo Version]”

-The drums are absolutely killer in this version

Jimmy Eat World – “Carry You [Demo Version]”

-I love both versions of this song (which has become a recent favorite), but this one is a little more stripped down; the tom drums are clearer and the choruses is toned down a notch.

Jimmy Eat World – “Dizzy [Demo Version]”

-I didn’t really like this song until I heard the demo of it. This version’s a lot better.

NOTE: If you like the demos you hear, go out and by the real thing. Unlike a lot of major lable bands now days, these guys are actually worth your money.

This one’s gonna be hell for my bandwidth



4 Responses to “Jimmy Eat Demos”

  1. Matt said

    Thanks for sticking up for Jimmy Eat World. Ive had enough of the snobs who think anyone who gets airplay or sells a few records are sellouts. Excellent band!

  2. jeffro said

    Nice post – I didn’t know that Jimmy Eat World released demo versions of their albums like that.

  3. Rob said

    Awesome post – thank you so much. They are my favorite band, but I’ve been disappointed with what I’ve heard from Chase This Light – I’d love to hear the demo version of the entire thing, though.

  4. ricardo said

    hey mate, i also love all of jew’s demos, do you have any other demos from clarity or could yu tell me where to find them, ive downloaded these and have the ones on the EP.

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