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Everything (for Money) All the Time

Posted by dancehallhips on October 20, 2007

Band of Horses are loaning out tracks from Everything All the Time. To kick off this capital venture, they’ve picked Wal-Mart (or was it Wal-Mart that picked them?) There is literally nowhere to go but up from here. The Shins/McDonald’s or the Iron&Wine/M&M’s or even the Wilco/Volkswagen situations seem like petty moves compared to this corporate/indie fusion.

Frontman Ben Bridwell argues his case:

“Because some people see Wal-Mart as a huge, evil corporation, they seem to be especially bummed about this license and see us as posers and/or corporate whores as a result,” he said. “I’d like to just state for the record that we let all kinds of folks use our songs in all kinds of mediums. My personal stance is that once that music is recorded and released to the world then I don’t really care where it goes.”

Honestly, how else are you really going to respond to criticism? BS is clearly the only option when you put your band in a situation like this.

In similar news, Bridwell “freaked out” at a San Diego show over his claim to fame, “Funeral”:

“All you fucking kids don’t move a muscle all show until Funeral comes on then you go nuts and take pictures/videos for your MySpace or whatever. Sorry but its so fucking annoying!”

He’s bringing it upon himself. C’mon. WAL-MART! Am I wrong with this speculation?

Everything All the Time is one of my favorite albums, I just can’t say this Ben character is one of my favorite people.

“If I am lost It’s only for a little while”

Band of Horses – “Monsters”

Let’s hope so, Ben. Let’s hope so.



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